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Essays on cloning endangered animals

essays on cloning endangered animals

getting in the way bringing up the ethics of it all, one anonymous citizen stated, It just is not ethical. Donor nuclei are enucleated and inserted into egg cells. (Endangered species) claims that there is inconceivable calamity when species disappeared; calamity that cannot expect. So what we can do to help the endangered animals in the world. Furthermore, Poaching take of us unique species of animals, such as elephants and tigers. People try to help endangered animals from extinction in many different ways. The process of this should be well thought out and the species with the lowest population should be cloned first. Just look at the sheep that got cloned, Dolly. But the tadpoles always died. I think that if we could clone endangered species it would be wonderful. Then, in 1952, scientists took the nucleus out of the cell of a frog embryo and put it into a denucleated frog cell, but the egg didnt develop.

That was a" from Jose. Jaramillo; a man who has written many essays on the hope of cloning endangered species. It took 276 tries to clone Dolly. So at the moment the success rate of cloning endangered animals is very low. An endangered animal is one that is at risk of becoming extinct or t risk of no longer being in existence.

That is to say illegal hunting refers to how it is important is the money today even if at the expense of animals. But since cloning has been done on other mammals it is very possible that it can be done on endangered species. And some mutations may be lethal. Who know what could happen when you have a clone with mutations. Also, congress may go beyond cloning, they may try to stop research on important new infertility therapies. In 1996 scientists in Scotland cloned a sheep named Dolly.

Why should we be cloning human beings while at the same time too many are being produced every day naturally. But it is very possible. Moreover, the increase of sea level laid the marine mammals in a serious situation that depend on the ice to survive. (Endangered species) notes that the Conversation Organisations work to aware people from the consequences of extinction.