Domestication theory essay

At least 700,000 kya, and maybe two mya, protohumans created their first truly great invention, which exploited energy in a way never done before: harnessing fire. . The problem

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Essay on brahmagupta mathematician

At about age 22, on leave from University, this genius began revolutionary advances in mathematics, optics, dynamics, thermodynamics, acoustics and celestial mechanics. Myristicaceae is a primitive family of

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Essay on causes of antisocial behaviour pdf

The issue of persistent young offenders became a political issue and a recognised social problem in 1992 and exploded as an issue of concern in 1993. Furthermore, youngsters face

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Civil services advisory essay writing

civil services advisory essay writing

only for 200 marks with a single essay to write upon! Upscs expectation from Essay Paper, examiners will pay special attention to the candidates grasp of his/her material, its relevance to the subject chosen and to his/her ability to think constructively and to present his/her ideas concisely, logically and effectively. You should neither sum up your essay in conclusion. I write in bullet points for both general studies and optional papers in Mains. Because you dont know the gender of the evaluator. Our end goal is to pass the exam. Topics like Women empowerment, Rural development, Social Justice, Terrorism and Internal Security etc are hot topics for essays and be prepared with various dimensions of the same in upsc Exam. Sometimes one tends to impress the examiner with big ideas.

Last year, my friend gave me a note on a Government report. Think over them for a few minutes. He comes to you seeking your advice. Go through well-written essays by experts in newspapers and magazines, and understand how they frame the Introduction and Conclusion paragraphs. The official facilities were frequently being used for personal needs by the officers and staff. Write mock essays and get it evaluated by experts in the field.

Understanding Essay Paper in IAS Exam 250 marks out of 2025 (12.3 ) are the weight-age of essay paper on total Civil Services Mains Marks as per the latest upsc syllabus. Dont write vague answers that remotely resemble to what is being asked in the question. In GS2 and GS3 also, If particular question requires, you should give some suggestion / stand. Example, if you dislike someone, find out why? In 2013, I read a lot of random things, this time Ive focused on selected resources. Dont pick philosophical or vague essays, unless youve philosophy as optional. Then prioritize other topics. Science and Mysticism: Are they compatible?

Theres a gap in our way of studies, were preparing in silos- history, economy, geography but youve to create a world in your head. Example: The said question on urban economies- it is an opinion based question. If you are interested in working for your city then you will have to apply through your city's job posting site. In GS mains paper-1, geography is becoming very tough. Our advice would be to use simple language. If you make notes, youve taken 1 perspective, then only that youll remember.